The fastest way to build an engaged audience

and make your first (or next) sale online.


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Word on the street is your online course is the cat's pyjamas. Let us help you get discovered by thousands of people who need your superpowers.

If you’re an online course creator, membership owner, or a coach looking to build an audience of wildly engaged fans who want to purchase from you, then you probably already know that the fastest way to get there is by using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads.

As a budding online marketer, you already know that the key to your online success lies in how fast you can build an engaged audience and how soon you can start selling to that audience. You’ve probably experienced the rise in social media use in 2020 and, heck, 2021 due to the global pandemic. In a study by Influenster, 75% out of 4500 respondents reported spending more time on social media now than ever before.

By now, you’ve probably poured a decent amount of time and energy into social media, and you’ve realized, thanks to the ever-changing algorithm, growing an audience organically is hard, hard work.

What you may also have suspected for a while is that you can speed this process to build your engaged audience up by using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads.

Here's What You Might Not Know:

Building an online audience is the first step to turning your unique gifts and knowledge into a bankable asset. Just imagine:

Getting to a successful course launch or selling out your membership faster.

You've got some exceptional knowledge to share with the world, but maybe you're not sure how to get it in front of the right people. Implementing a reliable audience-building strategy means taking the guesswork out of your course launch and getting you to your launch date sooner!

Increased engagement on your social media and weekly content.

You work your tail off to create good podcast episodes, video blogs and make the perfect Instagram™ Stories every week. When you have a large and engaged audience you can send that content to, you'll reap the juicy rewards with lots of engagement, and you'll see your tribe grow every day on all the platforms you show up on. Talk about the spiral effect!

Boost your JV and affiliate income.

Transforming yourself into a highly valuable affiliate partner by building up a tribe of people who trust you. Cheers to diverse income streams!

Position yourself as a key authority within your industry.

If you have a strong audience and email list packed with keen subscribers, you can demonstrate that you're exceptional at creating audiences and that people are interested in what you have to say. Just imagine what a list of committed and raving fans would mean for you? More speaking engagements, book deals, highly valuable collaborations, and national press opportunities!

Heck yes!
I have gone from a couple hundred people that were engaging in my pages and my business and my emails, to thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands and tens of thousands.

Lauren Hirsch-Williams
Founder + Ceo Moviehatch.Com

Start using ads to build your engaged audience and email list fast?


Make that audience an offer and start generating online income?

Sign me up.

Even though the reasons to build your engaged audience are a complete no brainer, the process involved in learning how to balance social media, list building and Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads is anything but.

But where the heck do I start?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments, you’ve opened up the Ads Manager only to end up feeling more confused than ever.

You’ve boosted posts and were left feeling like you didn’t have anything to show for your money.

You’ve taken online marketing courses, but still couldn’t really figure out how everything fits together. And your Ads Manager didn’t even look like the one in the training!

Even when you did manage to get your ads up, you had no idea how to tell if your results were even good or not. Not to mention how confusing it was to then try to sell anything to the people in your audience.

So, where are most audience builders going wrong when it comes to Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads?

Without a super clear roadmap to start making sales and a step by step strategy, most audience builders become frustrated, upset, and angry. They feel like Facebook™ ads are this mystical thing that they’ll never understand.

They fall victim to running money-haemorrhaging, wet-blanket ads and they don’t know how to fix it because even though the experts make it look easy, the same rules do not apply to them if they’re brand new to the platform and have only a handful of followers, very little engagement and a small email list.

They freeze, knowing that if they want to keep going they have to put MORE money in. Using Facebook™ ads ends up feeling like throwing money into a broken vending machine.

Let me show you the foolproof strategy that truly works!

Imagine if there was a way you could ‘practice’ with Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads without losing any money? A virtual playroom where you could thoroughly test your ideas and strategies without investing any capital, so you could see exactly where to place your money when it comes to the real thing?

Unfortunately, Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads don’t work this way. Most of the time, ‘practicing’ ads means losing money. Too much money. Rhatz!

As an entrepreneur with finite resources, you can’t afford to practice. You need to know you’re going to get it right the first time.

My friend, there are people out there right now who are doing this right. Even with a small budget, they’ve committed to learning the right strategies, and they’re building their audiences fast and selling to that audience sooner!

Some of these people are still working their day jobs, paying off credit cards, and biding their time as they inch closer to their dreams — but for them, it’s a calculated and surefire thing, and with their offers dialed in, their ads are paying for themselves.

Because they know the successful strategy, they know exactly where they’re going — even if it will take some patience. Their systems are working. Their email lists are growing fast. They are making small offers every month, and they’re starting to generate revenue even before they are ready to sell extensive online courses or membership launches.

This is exactly what you’ll discover when you join A-Lister and our community!

Wondering why this hasn't been easy so far?


Here are the 4 reasons most new online course creators fail at using Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads to build their audiences and sell their knowledge.


They listen to people who only

teach strategies that worked in 2017.


Most people who teach Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads

  1. Are not working inside multiple ad accounts on a daily basis
  2. Haven't run their own ads in years or
  3. Started out when it was easy and are clueless about the challenges new audience builders face because they already have large, engaged audiences and large budgets.

What worked in 2017 will not work in 2022, and what works for people with established audiences will not work for someone starting today.


They believe that they need a huge ad spend before

generating revenue from their audiences.


You hear people talk about how much they spent on a launch, and your jaw drops. Who on this planet has that kind of money to spend on Facebook™ ads?!

Or maybe you’ve tried running budget-appropriate ads before, and you didn’t see any results other than a few new page likes, so you’re reluctant to give Facebook™ even more money without the promise of a return. 

You need a clear plan that will get you maximum results and start generating income for the budget you have right now, without sacrificing your mortgage repayments or your kids’ tuition to the elusive Facebook™ gods.


They believe that they need a huge social media following

before they can start creating successful ads.


Let’s be clear: Size doesn’t matter. (Audience size, that is!)

What matters is how engaged your audience is. If you’re starting out with few likes and you’re only relying on organic social media to build your audience, it’s going to feel like an uphill battle. After all, how do you get people to engage if you’re not even in front of them?

You need a clear, measurable plan to build engagement and grow your following with a plan on how to monetise that audience.

Which brings me to...


They give Facebook™ their money without a clear plan for

how to measure their success, tweak their ads and start making sales to that audience right from the start.


In moments of courage, you’ve tried running ads - and you’ve even set them up correctly. Go you!

But then the time came to understand your results or to make changes to improve your results, and you felt totally left in the dark.

Facebook™ ad results are different for everybody. Without the right support and guidance, you’ll never know what worked, what didn’t work, and how to improve your results without wasting your money.

You may even miss out on scaling the ads that actually do make you money (like I did in 2016)!

Your course is the bee’s knees,
there’s no doubt about that.

You deserve a taste of that sweet, sweet online business success!

But first things first. It’s time to get your audience in tip-top shape.

  • You’ve done the hard work. 
  • You’ve put in the time.
  • You’ve poured endless amounts of money into getting your business off the ground, not to mention all that precious time creating awesome content.

What you need is an

Audience Building Strategy

that will get thousands of eyeballs on your awesome ideas and connect you with dream students who love what you do.

Running one or two ads?

Easy peasy. Heck, you can find about a million videos on YouTube showing you how to set up an ad.


Strategically using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads with a clear plan of how you’re going to build your audience and start selling to that audience?

A whole different ball game.

Even though setting up Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads seems relatively straightforward, most online marketers end up losing money over and over (or quitting all together) because they’re following outdated methods that only worked back in 2017. 

The key ingredient to dependable list-building success is having a foolproof plan for how you’re going to use the power of engagement to build your audience and your email list using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads. And while you are testing what’s working for audience and list building, why not test your offers too and let your ads pay for themselves?

No big budget, social media following, or tech degree required.


Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart. That is why she has been such a huge support to my community.

Amy Porterfield
Online Marketing Expert

Salome's been one of my best students and I feel so proud of what she has created. I know that she gets results and that she deeply cares about all of her clients. Her knowledge of Facebook ads is second-to-none and she's doing amazing work with online course creators. I'll recommend her and her team in a heartbeat.

Rick Mulready
Online Marketing And Facebook Ads Expert


Now I have an actual marketing strategy that I've implemented into my business which is never going away...I have hope again.

Alexandra Whitehead
The Practice Activator


Salome gives so much in her calls and in her time and her knowledge and wisdom and there's so much support and that support is just so invaluable.

Claire Yee
Auckland Hypnobirthing


The coaching calls really go deep. They're great. Watching you walk through that, I mean, it's supposed to be an hour call and going longer and walking through them was very helpful.

Brain Duff
Mind 4 Survival


Now, I have confidence that I’ll succeed.

Katherine Beltran
Entrepreneur Coach

I need this!

The fastest way to build your engaged audience and make your first (or next) sale using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads without wasting your money, selling your soul on social media, or getting a tech degree.

They say, a little party never killed nobody, so put on your best cyber-dancing shoes and get ready for a little tech, a killer strategy and a whole lotta fun with other A-Listers.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building lucrative audiences for high 6 and 7 figure clients and upgraded it with my own experience building my audience from scratch with barely any social media followers.

A-Lister is the only course that teaches how to run the RIGHT ads in the RIGHT sequence to build up an engaged audience without bowing down to the algorithm gods and without wasting money on ads that do not bring in sales.

A-Lister is more than just an implementation program, it is a system that shows you exactly how to take the right steps in the right order so that you have predictable and measurable results at every step along the way no matter how big or small your daily budget is. 

The end result: A profitable audience and a crowd of engaged followers ready to buy from you when you’re ready to launch!

A-Lister is the only program of its kind that:

  1. Teaches you how to run the right ads in the right SEQUENCE with the budget you have today to build your engaged audiences on social media, convert more followers to leads, and sell to those leads from day 1.

    No quick fix “how to” videos. We give you a 3-Phase system to start building your audience, creating massive engagement, build your list faster and start selling to your list. No more wasting money trying to piece things together that don’t work.
  1. Focuses on the BENCHMARKS that matter and how to hit those key benchmarks at every phase of your audience and list building process so that you never waste money on ads again. 

    You want to know if you got a good return for the money you spent on your ads. You’ll get a system with measurable milestones and benchmarks to hit at every phase so that you know you’re getting the best return for your money. This is the only system that works with the Facebook™ algorithm to get you results that are measurable with the budget you have today.
  1. Shows you the precise steps to get more EXPOSURE and ENGAGEMENT so that you get your message in front of more of the right people every day without slaving away on social media. 

    Here’s the perfect recipe for a successful online business: Start with as little as $5 a day. Build up your audience. Add massive value, and create your community of raving fans fast.Then add list building to the mix and finally scale your ads to maximise your impact.
  1. Gives you the exact strategies that multi 6 and 7 figure online marketers use to make their ad spend back and generate revenue from their incoming leads so you can reduce your lead cost and have your ads pay for themselves. 

    You don’t just want an audience, you want an audience who actually buys from you. A-Lister shows you 3 different ways you can instantly start making money from your audience.
Are you ready to finally build your engaged audience and start selling to them

without wasting your time and money,

selling your soul on social media, or hiring a tech guru?


  • Feeling financially and emotionally drained.
  • Skeptical when it comes to seeing others build huge lists in what feels like no time at all.
  • Hesitant to invest money, not knowing if it's a complete gamble.
  • Tired from racking your brain, trying to think of ways to grow your social media following.
  • Questioning your idea, wondering if all your friends and family lied when they said it was great.
  • Constantly wrestling with that guilty feeling of not having enough time to spend with your kids.
  • Avoiding the credit card statement, knowing you've spent more than you should have on a new program that fell flat.


  • Actually being excited to create content for your audience.
  • Landing your first online sale and generating mindblowing results you never thought possible.
  • Feeling supported, heard, and seen with a community that has your back through the ups and downs.
  • Filled with confidence when making business decisions.
  • Jumping out of bed each morning knowing you’re living to your full potential.
  • Earning more income than you thought was possible through your course.
  • Seeing the impact you make in other people’s lives and knowing that you’re doing your share to create a world you’re proud to hand over to the next generation.

Here’s how we’ll get you there

Module 1

The Key to Making Money Online

In this first module we’ll break down what makes online marketing work and why you may have had some false starts in the past. We look at what sets a profitable funnel apart from a ‘meh’ funnel and you’ll get the resources you need to create offers that convert. 

We’ll also dive deep with what makes Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads so different for someone who is just starting out vs someone who has an established audience and a higher number of likes on their page. HINT: What works for more established online marketers will not work for you. 

  • We’ll dig deeper into why the strategies that worked in 2017 are no longer working and what to do instead.
  • You’ll learn how the algorithm ACTUALLY works and how to work with the algorithm to maximise your ad results.
  • Discover why getting started with $5 per day will get you further faster than waiting until you have a higher budget to get started.
Module 2

Mastering The Tech Without The Overwhelm

Understand the layout of the Business Manager and Ads Manager so you never again get confused with where things are or get stressed out when Facebook™ moves things around.

  • How to easily maximize your use of pixels with minimal tech worries.
  • How to set up every warm audience you’ll ever need so that you never lose people in your funnels again.
  • Creating your custom conversions so that you can easily track your results and be confident that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.
Module 3

Creating Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Ads That Convert Like Crazy

Craft the perfect lead magnet that will deliver quality leads to your email list every day on auto-pilot. Get The Ultimate List Builder’s Checklist for getting started with Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads for a clear step-by-step implementation plan. 

  • The irresistible ad copy method that gets your ideal customer to pay attention and click on your ad every time.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping images.
  • The high converting video blueprint for confidently creating video that always converts.
  • 7 proven ways to improve your landing page conversions and build massive anticipation for your lead magnet.
Module 4

Easy Peasy Step-By-Step to Setting Up Your Ads Faster

Complete step-by-step process of how to set up every ad you’ll run in the entire 3 phase system.

  • Common pitfalls to look out for when setting up your ads so you don’t make any rookie mistakes.
  • Learn exactly how to set up your ads, whether they be on Instagram™, Facebook™, Newsfeed, or Stories - we’ve got you covered.
  • All the shortcuts, templates and naming conventions that help you work faster and keep things organized.
Module 5

Understanding Your Results and Scaling For Massive Impact

Here you’ll learn how to make sense of all the geek speak. Your complete checklist to every data point and what they mean so that you never again have to wonder if you’re looking at the right thing.

  • An overview of industry standards so that you know if your ad is performing well or not and you have a clear goal to work towards.
  • When to stop your ads. Know exactly when your ads are wasting your money and how to turn it around.
  • Scaling your ads two ways. We’ll show you two different ways you can gain even faster momentum by scaling your ads and getting in front of more people at lower costs.
Bonus 1

Become Part of Our A-Lister community! 3 Months FREE Access to Our Special Members Only Community

(A-Lister Facebook™ Community and Weekly Support Calls)
 Value $291 


No man is an island, right? A huge predictor of entrepreneurial success lies in who you surround yourself with. Join us in the secret members-only A-Lister Facebook™ group to ask questions, bounce around ideas, celebrate your wins, and share your experience. The more you see other people raving about their ads success, the more motivated you’ll feel to start growing your own audience- and the closer you’ll step to a booming online business. Get the community, the accountability, and join the fun inside our group of change-making, income-generating, fun-loving cheerleaders who will become your favorite gals and guys on the internet.

Bonus 2

3 Months of Live Group Coaching with Salome

and Weekly Q&A Support with Her Team of OG Coaches
 Value $2997 


Have you ever gone through some form of training and had a bunch of questions, but felt frustrated because no one was there to answer them and support you?

Even though we’ve broken down the A-Lister modules into the simplest possible steps, I’ll be there weekly to answer any additional questions so that you can confidently keep going with a successful, sustainable strategy.

Every week you have the opportunity to have a one on one conversation on Zoom during our group Q and A sessions. These sessions have been described as life-changing by some of our students. 

Need someone to review your landing page for you - you got it. Want someone to look at your ad setup or results and tell you what to do next - absolutely. Want to run your next list-building strategy by us - you post it and we look at it!

Bonus 3

Get The ‘Facebook Paid For My Ads’ Bonus

 Value $497 


Get your ad costs back instantly by adding an offer to your thank you page. Start making a profit from your list building ads right away and create a hot list of buyers not just freebie seekers when you discover how to instantly transform your thank you page into a sales tool that starts bringing money into your business from the first day you run ads.

Bonus 4

Stellar Sales Email Swipe File That Turns Leads Into Sales on Auto-Pilot

 Value $1997 


Imagine turning your ads on and only a few days later seeing the PayPal notifications telling you you’re making money already. With pro copywriter Zafira Rajan’s email welcome sequence copy that’s exactly what you’ll do. This exact swipe file has made her and her clients big bank, and it is yours to swipe and use for free. This fill-in-the-blanks email swipe file is all you need to nurture your new lead, turn them into raving fans, and sell your first low $ workshop or course without lifting a finger. Hiring a pro copywriter could cost you thousands of dollars. Swipe this file when you join A-Lister for free.

Bonus 5

Ad Image Canva Template Library from Template Tribe

 Value $197 


Get carefully created and uniquely crafted Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad image Canva templates from The Template Tribe creator Sal Frances.  These templates were created specifically for the types of ads we teach in this course and will save you hours, helping you create ad images and lead magnets in no time!

Our No Risk
Success Guarantee

A-Lister is the most thorough, comprehensive implementation tool for course creators who are busting to reach their first 1000 email subscribers fast.

This course is built on years of trial and error to bring you the precise steps you need to take to get Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads working for you.

I know you’re ready to dive in deep. I know you’re itching to launch a successful course, and I know that you know a strong email list is the most reliable way there.

After 14 days, you’ll have had the opportunity to put A-Lister to the test. You’ll have witnessed the power behind the training. You’ll already be getting your very first surge of subscribers. (And boy, does that feel good.)

If within 14 days you find that these tools aren’t working for you, simply send us an email and we’ll refund your money back. Full details here >. 

What would be different for you 3 months from now when you have an audience of raving fans who can’t wait to purchase from you?

Would it be finally giving that office cubicle the flick and working on your own terms? Would it be taking the afternoon off to hang out with the kids, just because you can? How about waking up every morning feeling excited about the day ahead and the positive impact you'll make on many people's lives?

It’s time to start making a bigger impact.
Put on your best ground grippers and let's get started!

I'm ready, sign me up!
Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:
The entire A-Lister Program

 $2,997 Value 


You’ll get access to all 5 video modules, cheat sheets, checklists, blueprints, resource guides and the tech library. Everything you need to start building your audience and get your email list to 1000 subscribers with Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads FAST.

  • Module 1 - How We Make Money Online
  • Module 2 - Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Module 3 - Mastering The Tech Without The Overwhelm
  • Module 4 - Creating High Converting Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Ads
  • Module 5 - Easy Peasy Step-By-Step to Setting Up Your Ads Faster
  • Module 6 - Understanding Your Results and Scaling For Even Bigger Impact
These Incredible Bonuses

 $5,979 Value 


  • Bonus 1 - 3 Months FREE Access to Our Special Members Only Community  (A-Lister Facebook™ Group) - Value $291
  • Bonus 2 - 3 Months of Live Group Coaching with Salome and Weekly Q&A Support with Her Team of OG Coaches - Value $2997 
  • Bonus 3 - ‘Facebook Paid For My Ads’ Bonus - Value:  $497
  • Bonus 4 - Stellar Sales Email Swipe File That Turns Leads Into Sales On Autopilot - Value $1997
  • Bonus 5 - Canva Ad Image Template Library from Template Tribe - Value $197

When you add it all up, that’s

 $8,976 Value 

But when you enroll today,

you’ll get access to everything for just:

Easy 12 Pay Option


12 Monthly Payments

  • Instant Access to the full A-Lister Course Content

  •  FREE 3 Months Access to the A-Lister Community

  • Group Coaching by Salome inside our A-Lister community

  • Weekly Q and A with 6-Figure OG Coaches
  • All the BONUSES!


Save with our 3 Pay Option


3 Monthly Payments (save $183)

  • Instant Access to the full A-Lister Course Content

  •  FREE 3 Months Access to the A-Lister Community

  • Group Coaching by Salome inside A-Lister community

  • Weekly Q and A with 6-Figure OG coaches
  • All the BONUSES!


Why You Need This Fabulous, 
A-Lister Community:

Show us someone who said setting up a successful business was easy, and we'll show you a real fibber. The truth is, starting and growing your own business is a wild journey full of ups and downs. Getting it up off the ground is no walk in the park. It's why 8 out of 10 businesses don't make it past the first 18 months! 

By joining the A-Lister community,  you'll be setting yourself up for success by having access to experts who can guide you through the highs and lows of growing an audience of raving fans who love what you have to offer.

No need to waste your precious time testing and trialing potential solutions that may not work. Connect with thousands of dream students FAST and decrease the stress, confusion, and unknown!

I'm ready to find my people!


This is the last chance to secure A-Lister at the current price before prices increase forever.

There has never been a better time to take the leap and build your dream audience, fast!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:
The entire A-Lister Program

 $2,997 Value 


You’ll get access to all 5 video modules, cheat sheets, checklists, blueprints, resource guides and the tech library. Everything you need to start building your audience and get your email list to 1000 subscribers with Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads FAST.

  • Module 1 - How We Make Money Online
  • Module 2 - Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Module 3 - Mastering The Tech Without The Overwhelm
  • Module 4 - Creating High Converting Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Ads
  • Module 5 - Easy Peasy Step-By-Step to Setting Up Your Ads Faster
  • Module 6 - Understanding Your Results and Scaling For Even Bigger Impact
These Incredible Bonuses

 $5,979 Value 


  • Bonus 1 - 3 Months FREE Access to Our Special Members Only A-Lister community (A-Lister Facebook™ Group) - Value $291
  • Bonus 2 - 3 Months of Live Group Coaching with Salome and Weekly Q&A Support with Her Team of OG Coaches - Value $2997 
  • Bonus 3 - ‘Facebook Paid For My Ads’ Bonus - Value:  $497
  • Bonus 4 - Stellar Sales Email Swipe File That Turns Leads Into Sales On Autopilot - Value $1997
  • Bonus 5 - Canva Ad Image Template Library from Template Tribe - Value $197

When you add it all up, that’s

 $8,976 Value 

But when you enroll today,

you’ll get access to everything for just:

Easy 12 Pay Option


12 Monthly Payments

  • Instant Access to the full A-Lister Course Content

  •  FREE 3 Months Access to the A-Lister Community

  • Group Coaching by Salome inside our A-Lister community

  • Weekly Q and A with 6-Figure OG Coaches
  • All the BONUSES!


Save with our 3 Pay Option


3 Monthly Payments (save $183)

  • Instant Access to the full A-Lister Course Content

  •  FREE 3 Months Access to the A-Lister Community

  • Group Coaching by Salome inside our A-Lister community

  • Weekly Q and A with 6-Figure OG Coaches
  • All the BONUSES!


Meet the flapper with all the ads dapper:

Salome Schillack

I personally cannot wait to welcome you to my group of A-Listers!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Salome. A Facebook ads manager, an online course launcher, and a CEO.

But more importantly, I am a mom who was desperate to find a way to balance my family AND my career. 

I stumbled into the world of online courses around 7 years ago, and it changed everything.

Since starting my business, I’ve researched, tested, trialed, and learned my a$$ off to discover what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building an audience and finding your people online! 

Today I run an agency managing Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads for multi-million-dollar businesses, and I charge upward of $30,000 per launch to do this. I’ve spent the last 7 years becoming a marketing genius, and I can confidently say my strategies WORK!

I’ve spent a fair amount of my time (and more money than I would ever disclose to my husband 😉 ) delving into courses and training and coaching and memberships and books that would put any MBA to shame. 

My team and I have worked with over seventy course creators in the last 4 years, and we have seen exactly what works, and surprise, surprise, organic growth just doesn’t happen quickly these days! 

But I’ve cracked an audience-building strategy that works….FAST!

Inside A-Lister, I share everything I’ve learned about building a strong, healthy audience and email list full of hot hot leads who can’t get enough from you!

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I will personally guarantee that the next 12 weeks will transform your social media and ads into a life-changing revenue generating system that allows you to make a massive impact, create more time for you and your family and generate income beyond what you ever thought possible. 

I look forward to meeting you inside the A-Lister community!

See you there,

You’ve got the offer part sorted.

We’re here to help you build an audience fast!

Imagine what life could be like when you know how to find thousands of people, you know how to make them offers they want, and you start making those life-changing sales?

This is your opportunity to dig in and let someone who gets it guide you on your way to finally building an audience online full of people who adore you and can’t wait to buy what you’re selling.

A-Lister is the best place to get the support you need and learn how to build an audience and successfully start making sales.

A-Lister is PERFECT for you if...

  1. You’re just getting started building your audience, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time by implementing powerful, simple strategies that will start working for you immediately.
  2. You’ve been struggling to build your audience, but you’re ready to board the express list builder train and fix the problem once and for all.
  3. You already know EXACTLY how you’re going to provide incredible value to your chosen niche, and you’re feeling confident enough to finally put yourself right in front of them and get closer to launching your course.
  4. You’re willing to put in time and energy if it means learning the exact, tried and true principles you need to succeed in building an audience who wants to buy from you.
  5. In fact, you’re ALREADY actively investing a few hours each week into building your audience so you can launch your course sooner. You’re delivering amazing value, showing up to provide support, and you’re ready to tie it all together with some serious strategy.
  6. You care about what will work for you right now in 2022 with the budget you have on hand, and you’ve figured out that other courses don’t quite cover this. You get a bit skeptical when people promise instant results without hard work, because you know that good things take effort, time, and firm foundations.
  7. You know what lies on the other side of building your audience, and you’re ready to embrace the next level.
    You’re aware of the endless opportunities that await you once you’ve successfully built your profile and positioned yourself as an industry leader.
    You’re ready to show up in the public eye and to say a big YES to valuable partnerships, collaborations, events, and upcoming product launches.
  8. You’re excited to start implementing ads ASAP and learn how to get a return on your investment, even with only $5 a day. Even if you’ve spent a lot of time believing you need a huge organic audience or ads budget to start successfully growing your list, you now understand that there’s a better way and you’re ready to get started immediately.
  9. You feel confident diving right in knowing that you have 14 days to put A-Lister to the test. You’re ready to commit the time and energy needed to truly test drive these powerful strategies, and you’re excited to learn the secrets for measurable and scalable success.

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside of A-Lister! Join our community and jazz your way to the audience of your dreams.


When I first started out in the online business world, it was scary investing all my hard-earned savings into a course that delivered big promises that often flopped. There were many times I thought, 'am I better off just heading to the casino and putting this all on red?'. I created A-Lister with YOU in mind. It's exactly what I wish I had when first building my audience. I've jam-packed the program with everything that has helped me to build an incredible audience full of dream students, and I know it can do the same for you!

I found a way to live a life I love. And I want to help you do the same!

Salome Schillack
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