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Hands up if you're an online course creator, membership owner, coach, or consultant who wants to:

  • Make a difference in the world
  • Generate more income
  • Create more freedom in your business, allowing you to actually choose your own schedule

You have a lot to offer this world!

You have a unique message and a difference to make!

An impact that will help create the world you feel proud to leave to your kids.

You have some mad skills that you know will help a lot of people like you.

And you’re ready to take control of your financial future and start making 'work' a part of your life instead of fitting in life around your work.

And right now… You’re only scratching the surface.


To help you make a significant impact for others and create serious freedom for yourself.

We’re talking about that kind of freedom that comes from having a fat wallet and a full chequing account.

We're committed to building the world we want to live in.

And we know that's why you're here too!

And it starts with creating profitable, scalable online course launches.

Where the one-size-fits-all courses fail, we’ll give you all the support you need for exactly where you are at in your online course launch journey!

We’ll show you how to create sustainable, predictable models of growth in your next online course launch and when you begin to scale and grow. And in the process… Get you back to focusing on *your* zone of genius: creating and helping others.

You probably already know that the fastest way to grow your online course is by using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads with a smart online launch strategy.

You probably also know the ad game is a complex minefield that can end up feeling like more of a risky gamble than a wise business decision.

Here is what you might not know:

  • Running profitable ads is a small part of the equation. A recipe for success needs more than just the techy know-how of making an ad live. This is where we come in!

  • We'll help you create the most profitable and scalable online course launches so you can share your magic with more people, impact more lives and make sweet, sweet internet Cha-Ching that gets you the freedom you deserve. Yes, that means no more one-one clients, finally quit that day job and work around the kids' busy schedules.

  • Others will teach you a one-size-fits-all signature launch method. But what if your audience doesn't behave like theirs. Your market is not the same as theirs. Or your launch doesn't convert like theirs, get ready to pull your hair out (what, you’ve already been doing that for a while, I hear you say?) You may even have run some ads that left you high on leads but low on sales. Or maybe you hired an expensive ads manager to help you launch only to find yourself on the other side of very few bankable results.


“Launching an online course is the easiest way to turn your unique gifts and knowledge into a bankable asset.


In 2020 the online courses industry was estimated to be worth $137 billion and growing fast thanks to the 'Vid!

More people are staying home now, discovering the power of having the internet at our fingertips to learn new hobbies, new skills, and even to learn how to start and grow businesses.

So would you rather keep trying to figure out how you will fit your round peg launch into that square hole online course, or are you ready to learn how to build audiences who turn into paying students every time you say, "the cart is now open"?

If you follow our framework for creating profitable and scalable online course launches, you will stop feeling like you're playing roulette with your money every time you set up your ads. Instead, you'll be mapping out your precise pathway from four-to five figure launches, from five to six figure launches, and go from multi- six to CEO faster than you can say “Zuckerberg”!

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We give you everything you need in one place. The training, the coaching, the launch reviews, the ad unpacks and the cheerleaders!



you can create a profitable, scalable online courses business.

Even if you're not sure what the next step to take is.

Even if you've taken all the courses and you're still no closer to rubbing two dollars together.

Even if you've tried ads before and got lots of leads but no sales or were left with a hefty bill from a fancy ads manager and zero sales on your webinar!

Even if you're not a tech wizard and you'd rather eat glass than set up ads yourself.

Why this
hasn’t been easy so far

Perhaps in your most courageous moments, you’ve tried launching your course. And maybe you were left watching as thousands of dollars disappeared before your eyes into Zuckerberg’s pockets? Or you hired ALL-THE-HELP for your launch and worked your tail off only to be left with just a few dollars of profit at the end of your launch?

If that’s you, I want you to know that it’s not your fault, and here’s why...

The online courses you bought only showed you one person’s ‘signature method’ for launching an online course. But marketing is never one-size-fits-all, and you may have noticed that it’s a lot harder today to build big social media audiences than it was 6 years (heck 6 months) ago.

It’s also not your fault because ads managers (only the bad ones, not us ;-) ) make more money when they promise you that they can make you more money using ads.

You may have already discovered that there is more to launching profitably than running a few ads to a webinar.

You deserve better.

From our members:

"Getting to the point where I could test and launch, that was the biggest breakthrough for me!"



You’ve done the hard work. You’ve put in the time. You’ve purchased more online courses than you care to admit, and you’ve poured endless amounts of money into getting your business off the ground.

At this point, you’re ready to go all in on you and your course launch without throwing more money into Facebook™ ads that do not result in a tangible outcome (aka moola in the bank).

You need a profitable launch strategy that will convert your audience into students who rave about you.


Why go alone when we can go together? 

I'm Salome, I'm a Facebook™ ads manager, an online course launcher, and a CEO. But more importantly, I am a mom who was desperate to find a way to balance my family AND my career.

I stumbled into the world of online courses around 5 years ago, and it changed everything! Finally, I could be there for the school pick-up AND generate more money than I ever thought possible! It was life-changing.

Since starting my business, I've researched, tested, trialed, and learned my #peach off to discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to launching profitable online courses. I find it ridiculously satisfying to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same freedom I did!

Today I run an agency managing Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads for multi-million-dollar businesses, and I charge upward of $20,000 per launch to do this. I've spent the last 5 years becoming a marketing genius, and I can confidently say my strategies WORK!

I've spent a fair amount of my time (and more money than I would ever disclose to my husband ;-) ) delving into courses and training and coaching and memberships and books that would put any MBA to shame.

My team and I have been on the backend of over 73 online course launches in the last 3 years, and we have seen exactly what works and what doesn't, and, surprise, surprise, it does not have everything to do with ads.

Inside The Launch Lounge, I share everything I've learned about profitably launching online courses and scaling online course businesses, from foundation to complete freedom, with you.

Yes, I want that!


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from running massively successful ads for six and seven figure clients, managing the ads strategy for over 73 online course launches in the past 3 years (some of which were multi seven figure launches) and upgraded it with my own experience building my audience and launching my courses from scratch.

The Launch Lounge is:

Where you get the support you need to connect the dots between ads, marketing, sales, and growing your team, so you make the right decisions based on where you are at in your journey.

Where you’ll learn the launch strategies that work now with step-by-step implementation, and get the support you actually need to succeed with Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads so you can build up an engaged audience of people who are ready to buy when you say, “Enrollment is open”.

More than just a membership program. It’s a community where you will learn exactly what you need to know and have the opportunity to ask unique questions so that you always know the next right move.

This kind of deep support is what you need to unlock predictable and measurable results every step of the way. Hit a wall? We’ll help you over it in no time.

The end result:



Predictable, profitable launches that work every time! No more second-guessing, finger-crossing, wasting time and money hoping that this launch will be different. We’re in the business of helping you generate predictable, consistent, and mind-blowing results every time.  

Join The Launch Lounge and get everything you need to profitably launch your online course and start scaling faster so you can finally give that boss the finger, get off the one-one rollercoaster and start living your life on your terms!

In 12 months, this is what Lauren did:

"My account was shut down before ... to incrementally having a $17,000 launch, to 30, to 50 to my most recent one, which was $82,000 in one launch, and it's a hundred percent from Salome's advice"




What would be different for you 12 months from now when you have a profitable & scalable online course?

Would it be taking the afternoon off to hang out with the kids, just because you can? Would it be booking that dream family vacation without stressing about the price? How about waking up every morning feeling excited about the day ahead and the positive impact you'll make on many people's lives?

It’s time to start making a bigger impact.

Heck yes!

Your Launch Lounge Makeover:


  • Feeling financially and emotionally drained.
  • Skeptical when it comes to those huge launch figures other people are generating
  • Hesitant to invest money, not knowing if it's a complete gamble
  • Tired from racking your brain, trying to think of ways to grow your social media following
  • Questioning your idea, wondering if all your friends and family lied when they said it was great
  • Frustrated with your Facebook™ ad manager who empties your account and said 'not my problem' when your webinar flatlined
  • Constantly wrestling with that guilty feeling of not having enough time to spend with your kids
  • Avoiding the credit card statement, knowing you've spent more than you should have on a new program that fell flat


  • Actually being excited to launch your course
  • Generating mindblowing results you never thought were possible
  • Feeling supported, heard, and seen with a community that has your back through the ups and downs
  • Thinking about the future and all the new ideas you could bring to life
  • Ready to hire a team and delegating out all the boring stuff that drags you down
  • Filled with confidence when making business decisions
  • Jumping out of bed each morning knowing you have complete control of your schedule each day
  • Being present for those important events and taking off an afternoon to play with the kids, because you're the boss and you can
  • Earning more income than you thought was possible through your course
  • Seeing the impact you make in other people’s lives and knowing that you’re doing your share to create a world you’re proud to hand over to the next generation

But don't just take it from us,
hear from other members about our community.

“But I’ve launched before and I got super sad results.
How will this be different?”

You know how to get leads, and you're feeling pretty confident about your offer. But for some reason, all your leads aren't converting as well as you'd like them too!

Pumping even more money into another launch seems like a massive gamble right now. In fact - you may have even considered ditching the whole ads thing altogether a couple of times already!

Even though setting up ads seems relatively straightforward, most course creators end up losing money over and over (or quitting altogether) because they're following outdated methods that only worked back in 2017. They never got any REAL support to help them implement what they learned.

The truth is, creating profitable online courses is about so much more than using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads.

Having a clear plan of how you're going to convert your audience and launch profitably is a whole different ball game.

One of the most crucial elements of a successful launch that is often overlooked is learning how to know if your audience is ready to be launched to. In The Launch Lounge, we'll show you how to use data as your secret weapon for success! You'll feel confident knowing your hard-earned money won't just vanish into cyberspace.

No tech degree required. Just bring yourself and your amazing idea, and we'll be there with you every step of the way to guide you through the rest!

Ready for something new? Get started today!

Yep, I need something new!



So many ads fail because it's so much more than just the techy stuff! The Launch Lounge is the first membership of its type that gives you ongoing access to the game plan, the coach, and the cheer squad!


So many aspects of business can feel like a gamble, pouring in precious resources with no actual knowledge of what the result will be. The Launch Lounge removes the guesswork from your ads by supporting you through your online launches.

Finally, reach more raving fans, create a profitable online business, reclaim your time, and earn an income you're proud of!

"What I appreciate most about working with Salome and being in the membership is being alleviated of the frustration & stress associated with being a new ad creator."

Lauryn Bryght



From 4 to 5 figures


Your Goal
You’re ready to get serious and make $10K in ten days or the next time you say “doors are open"

How we’ll help you get there

  • Create your launch plan
  • Map out your ad strategy
  • Collect your data
  • Optimize, rinse and repeat

From 5 to 6 figures


Your Goal
You want to take those five figure launches and scale them to a full time income that allows you to quit your job, stop taking on so many one one clients and start creating your freedom lifestyle

How we’ll help you get there

  • Identify your ‘Most Profitable Customer Journey’
  • Analyze your data so you can do more of what’s working and stop throwing spaghetti on the wall
  • Only put money into what’s bringing money back into your business


6 figures to CEO


Your Goal
A lot of things are working well for you right now. You’re ready to learn how to hand it all off without losing profitability or control.

How we’ll help you get there

  • Optimize your offers for maximum profitability
  • Record your process and know your benchmarks
  • Hire and outsource in the right order
  • Create partnerships and affiliates that scale


Yes, get me to CEO!


Once you join the membership, we'll make sure you have all the support you need to impact thousands:





No 'one-size-fits-all' signature courses in sight. You already know a lot and you don't need more information - unless you do. Here you get to choose the training you need most when you need it. 


Course 1 - The Step-by-Step Pathway to Creating a Profitable and Scalable Online Courses Business
Learn the foundations of finding and tracking your ‘Most Profitable Customer Journey’ and start to sell profitable courses to a hungry crowd without wasting money on ads that don't work. This is the step-by-step training you need to consistently build predictably profitable launches that gets you that CEO lifestyle.


Course 2 - Facebook™ Ads For Profitable Course Launches
Everything you need to create profitable Facebook™ ads without feeling like you're gambling your life savings away even if Facebook keeps throwing changes (like IOS) at us. Stay up to date and know what's working NOW.


Course 3 - Your Success Path - Personalised Course Content Helps You Make Progress Faster Wherever You're at in YOUR Journey

  • Four-to Five Figures: Launching for the first time? We've got you - we're going to show you how to put your hard-earned money in the right places, so you launch without the risk.
  • Five-to Six Figures: You've done it! You created a profitable launch - we'll show you exactly how to repeat and scale it!
  • Multi- Six to CEO: You've nailed the launch game, and you've got enough brain space to start to think about a new course or upsell. We'll help you get there, so you can hire a team faster and grow even bigger!

The course content will get you up to speed with the insider information, strategies, and formulas that will successfully launch your course, however as you know, there is no such thing as a secret solution that fixes all business woes. Every business and every problem requires a different approach. We get that, and we've come up with a way to make this possible!





With up to 3 calls per week you know you'll get the support you need.

The most valuable and unique aspect of The Launch Lounge is the regular live Coaching Calls covering topics like Facebook™ Ads, Marketing and Launch Strategy, Launch Planning, Copywriting and Project Management. 

It's your opportunity to bring your current challenges to the table and workshop a solution with the experts. All calls are recorded and added in the member's area in Kajabi with searchable video transcriptions and audio options to listen to the recordings on the go. Support calls are the magic ingredient that helped our current Launch Lounge members accelerate their success and reach their goals faster, without the huge price tag!

Finally, get ALL the support you need to create your profitable online business so you can quit your job, get off the one-one client roller coaster and start impacting millions while you increase your income and your freedom.


"Between my second and third launch, I doubled my results.
I'm launching again in January, and I hope to double the results again."
- Lucy Kelly.



Bi-Weekly Live Q and A with Salome - Bring your launch, ads, marketing or business questions and Salome will help you move forward fast: 

"I've been in your shoes, and I've had a front-row seat to over 73 live online course launches as an ads manager and as an agency owner. I've seen it all, and I know how to help you successfully grow an online courses business so that you can thrive! " - Salome

Bi-Weekly Facebook™ Ads Call with a Pro Ads Manager
Stuck creating a custom conversion? Webinar software not playing nice? There's not a tech issue our team cannot solve! And while she does that, she's whipping up a spreadsheet to track all the data that matters and create calculators that allow you to get more predictable results. 

Bi-Weekly Money and Business Mindset Coaching Call with 6-Figure Coaches Who Have Seen It All
It's not always the giant iceberg that sinks the boat; sometimes, it's the tiny, small, unassuming leaks that eventually cause the ship to go under. The same thing can happen to your bank account. We'll bring in the money experts who will show you how to spend for success, allowing you to make financial decisions confidently! Banish that 'stomach sinking when the credit card statement arrives' feeling for good! 

Bi-Weekly Launch Planning Call With Our In-House Launch Manager
At the foundation of everything you do is launch planning! It's the backbone on which your ads will be able to perform at their very best. We'll show you how to efficiently and effectively plan and implement your launch so that you can go into your next launch with confidence and ease. 

Bi-Weekly Copywriting Feedback Call With Our In-House Copywriter
Your Facebook™ ad is like a cake. Now imagine a cake with no icing? BORING! The recipe for ad success is perfecting your copy & image 'icing' to stop your audience in their scroll! We'll show you how to improve your landing page and increase your sales by nailing the powerful art of copy & design!




The ups and downs of business can feel so isolating. You don't need to go through this journey alone! Join a powerhouse group of entrepreneurs who just 'get it. Inside The Launch Lounge Facebook™ group, you'll get support from other online entrepreneurs who are also creating their online business. Make friends for life and build lasting relationships with like-minded people and never again feel alone building a business from behind your computer - especially in times where isolation can have crippling effects on your results.

Get community support and accountability and the emotional support you need to feel confident and resilient as you overcome your fears and bravely build your business.

"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart.
That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

-Amy Porterfield

"Salome's been one of my best students and ... she gets results and deeply cares about all of her clients. Her knowledge of Facebook™ ads is second-to-none and she's doing amazing work with online course creators. I'll recommend her and her team in a heartbeat."

-Rick Mulready

"Salome and her team came highly recommended and I can see why."

-Jennifer Allwood

Yep, I want a story like this!



Before you keep scrolling, we have to let you know; this membership won't be the right fit for everyone. We've developed a series of benchmarks to make sure you don't waste any more precious dollars on a course that gets you nowhere! Have you achieved the following:

  • Grown your list to 1000? or
  • Generated at least $1,000 in sales? or
  • Ready to invest $1,000 into profitable Facebook™ ads (that pay for themselves)?

If you said YES to one of the above, you're in exactly the right spot because you could be sitting on a goldmine! This shows us we can help you quit your 9-5, earn more money, scale your business like crazy and start creating a life you love! 


Ok, so far, this all sounds really good.

But how do I know this membership
isn't just another gamble?

The Launch Lounge is the most supportive implementation membership for online business owners who are ready to make an even bigger impact, grow lucrative audiences, and build businesses that provide them with income and freedom that matches their dreams.

"I was able to double the target market of my current email list. When I had tech glitches, without a beat her team supported me. When I had questions, they were there to inform me." 

-Kat Harris

"Salome and the Shine and Succeed Team are great strategists, excellent communicators and valued partners in our Floret Online Workshop promotion efforts."

-Susan King

That’s me. I’m ready to scale!

I found a way to live a life I love. And I want to help you do the same!

 - Salome Schillack

When I started in the online ad world, it was scary investing all my hard-earned savings into a course that delivered big promises that often flopped. There were many times I thought, 'am I better off just heading to the casino and putting this all on red?'. I created The Launch Lounge with YOU in mind. It's exactly what I wish I had when starting in the online course world. I've jam-packed the membership with everything that has helped me to achieve six and even seven-figure launches for my clients, and I know it can do the same for you!



Per Month

  • Get all the benefits. Easy monthly payments. Cancel any time with 7 days’ notice.

  • Access to The Launch Lounge Membership

  • Complete Core Training

    • The Pathway to a Scalable Online Courses Business
    • Facebook™ Ads For Course Launches
    • Tailored course content to take you all the way from 4 figures to CEO!
  • Regular Live Q&A Support Calls with our coaches and mentors
  • Private Members-Only Facebook™ Group
  • Result Trackers, Calculators, Benchmarks and Geek Speak Translations


*Prices are in US $. Aus residents add GST

Best Value


One Easy Payment - Save $567!

  • Get all the benefits with 2 months membership free

  • Access to The Launch Lounge Membership

  • Complete Core Training

    • The Pathway to a Scalable Online Courses Business
    • Facebook™ Ads For Course Launches
    • Tailored course content to take you all the way from 4 figures to CEO!
  • Regular Live Q&A Support Calls with our coaches and mentors
  • Private Members-Only Facebook™ Group
  • Result Trackers, Calculators, Benchmarks and Geek Speak Translations


*Prices are in US $. Aus residents add GST


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Want to know if this is the right option for you?
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The Launch Lounge is perfect for you if…

1. You've had a couple of students sign up for your course. You're confident in your product, and you're ready to scale! You want to make sure you're investing time and energy into the right places that will help you grow faster.

2. You've been struggling to increase your sales conversions for a while, but you're ready to board the express train to profitable launch land by fixing the underlying problems once and for all.

3. You already know EXACTLY how you provide incredible value to your chosen niche, and you're feeling confident enough to finally put yourself out there more and scale beyond belief. 

4. You're willing to put in time and energy if it means learning the exact tried and true principles you need to succeed in scaling your sales online.

5. In fact, you're ALREADY actively investing a few hours each week into engaging with your audience and testing out what offers work. You're delivering amazing value and showing up to provide support, and you're ready to tie it all together with some serious strategy.

6. You care about what will work for you right now in 2021, and you don't want to waste any more money on memberships that get you nowhere. You get a bit skeptical when people promise instant results without hard work because you know that good things take effort, time, and firm foundations.

7. You know what lies on the other side of building your audience online, and you're ready to embrace the next level. You're aware of the endless opportunities that await you once you've successfully built your profile and positioned yourself as an industry leader. You're ready to show up in the public eye and to say a big YES to valuable partnerships, collaborations, events, and upcoming product launches.

8. You know that being overloaded with a heap of reading content is not suited to your learning style, and you love the idea of talking to an expert who can help you workshop the obstacle you're facing. It'll save you a heck of a lot of time and money.

9. You feel confident diving right in knowing that The Launch Lounge is a monthly membership, with no long-term locked-in contracts required. You're ready to commit the time and energy needed to truly test-drive these powerful strategies, and you're excited to learn the secrets for measurable and scalable success.

10. You're counting the days until you can hire someone to run ads for you. And until then, you're committed to building your working knowledge of what works for you and your business so that you can know that your ads manager is hitting all the right audiences and doing what it takes to create successful campaigns that convert.

If you caught yourself nodding your head
to at least 6 of the above, I can't wait to meet you
inside of The Launch Lounge!

Yep, I want all of this!
From our members:

"To date, it has been the most valuable resource in my business!"


"It's so much more than just Facebook™ ads, it is truly a community of people that are pulling for each other, cheering each other on."


"I just knew it was going to be amazing to tap into Salome's wisdom and support and the community."


"What I've learned is, it's not really the ad that's doing the thing for you. It's the entire system that you have set up that the ad is just adding to."


"I just fell in love with the whole process. When I first found all the numbers looking great, that was an aha moment."


Here are some of the questions
we answer all the time!